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Artist: Daryl Hall Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on Three Hearts in the Happy Ending Machine
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I've been trying so hard to close my eyes
Dawn is rising under those cloudy skies
Days in darkness
Seemed like they'd never end
But now the rules are changing, girl
We can begin again

And we'll be right as rain

Who's been fooling you
They've been cruel to me
The kind of love we share
Is hard for those people to see
Stormy weather
Still the chill remains
What they thought was lost forever
Has been found again

And we'll be right as rain

All those violent people
Wind up tearing our peace apart
Do their best to destroy our future
Before it has a chance to start
Never had a chance to start
The kind of love we share
It's so hard for some to see
I know it was hard for me
It ain't lost forever
It's been found again
In the rain
And it feels so good to me

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