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Yeah you've been so close, oh baby
In my world but always gone with someone
Seeing you on your own
It's like some light, so bright is turning on
See you standing there
I feel a change in the air
Why didn't I know
That you're the one that I've been waiting for

Yeah, there's Something About You
That I never knew
Why didn't I see your smile before
Yeah, there's Something About You
That's leaving me breathless
Leading me on

You can see, I can tell oh baby
You've got some power over me
Use it well
Don't know why I'm so sure
That you're the love that I've been longing for

-Repeat chorus-
Only matters what I feel right now
No matter what I've felt before
I'm turning to you right now
I'm breathless baby, that's all I need to know

Yeah, there's Something About You
Something About You

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