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Album: Track 9 on Soul Alone
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How many hearts can
Have everything
Never ever found the one and all
The fire it brings
I want to try more now than I
Dared before
I've got to know what passion is
Girl I've got to find the love
Day to day, nothing there
I had to let go
Heard a call that I resisted 'cause it
Had no soul
When you get, and never give it
It's so cold
You're something else, oh I know

I've got this wildfire that only grows
Every day it's in my soul
This wildfire, it's burnin' deep
It's burnin' deep, burnin', burnin'
It didn't take long
All my life is not too long
This wildfire is burning bright
Burnin' bright, burnin', burnin'

All around me
There's a fire that's catching on
Make a burning field of dreams
Little spark of light touched
And grew
Fed by all the love
That I'm feeling here with you
No one can believe it, but
They can see
That since we've been together
You've made a change in me
Being alone is so wrong, it's so cold
When something's right, ooh I know


We gotta live to give, live and
Let love
Be here in the moment with the
One I want
'Cause being alone is so wrong
It's so cold
When something's right, I know.

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