Daughter Darling - You Won't See Me Lyrics

Artist: Daughter Darling Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Sweet Shadows
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All the worlds that I turn towards
Won't look me in the eye
Somethings hiding from the truth that ever was
And slipping into a lie

I won't be the one to stay
I'll run into a brand new day
And I'll leave before the sky is grey
And you won't see me no you won't see me again

Keep hiding your shameful face
Blushed in the guilt of what you did
Know I will put you in your place
This lie I refuse to live

And I'll become so brave
I'll walk into a brand new day
And I'll leave before your sky is grey
No you won't see me oh you won't see me again
No suffering no you won't see me again

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