David Lee Roth - Baby's on Fire Lyrics

Artist: David Lee Roth Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on A Little Ain't Enough
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Woman, I've been thinkin'
That we belong together
My intentions are bad
There's a richer man
But none better
I am two parts diamond
Some say three parts dirt
I say, "No one moves
Nobody gets hurt!"

Woman throws up her hands
Says, "Girl you lost your mind?
You look like seventeen child goin' on twenty nine"
Baby's on fire

Just admit it's true
I would call this bingo
If I'd even call at all
I'll pretend I'm GI Joe, yeah
You be Barbie doll
Baby's really burnin'
Ready for the town
Daddy's good, good little girl
Burn that schoolhouse down
I'm on fire

Baby's on fire
Ooo, puttin' the flames out!
Baby's be-be-burnin'
Burnin' up the town
Daddy's good, good little girl
Burn that schoolhouse down

Baby's on fire
I admit it's true
Baby's on fire
Puttin' the flames out

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