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Artist: David Pomeranz Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on On this Day
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Here we stand today
Like we always dream
Starting out our lives together
Night is in your eyes
Love is in our heart
I can't believe you're really mine forever

I will rehearse before for this moment all my life
So don't act surprised
If the feelin's start to carry me away

On this day
I promise forever
On this day
I surrendered my heart
Here I stand take my hand
And I will follow every word that I say
On this day

Not so long ago
This heart is just a fill of golden lonely space
Without you
Now everything's all right
Now everything's refill
And the story of my life
Is all about you

So if you feel the cool winds blowing
Through your nights
I will shelter you
And forever here that tears
Your fear away

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