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Artist: Dawn Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Slaughtersun (Crown of the Triarchy)
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Black - Void
Culmination point
Where solar sons decline
Deserting thrones of stellar winds
Dusk - Dawn
Twilight aureates
Balance breeds hostility
Contentation will throw wide its gate
Hunt - Slay
Dedicated rape
Internal revelries errupt
Fornicating violence spreads its drape
Mind - Soul
The universe reflects
Blackness absolution aches
Second sight the spirit now awakes
Sleep - Dream
Somnolent mirage
Enigmatic weavers speak
Chanting from the reveries I seek
Truth - Lie
True perception, false
Dimension vails reside
While new illusions now abide
I greet the vultures of the horizon
The skyline of my very soul
For they enmantle all of creation
with the might that they extol
They flock to feast on my cadaver
To sever flesh and drain my heart
Unbound celestial assassins
Out from the umbra they depart
Conjunction standstill reigns supreme
Time is non-existent
No past to justify the future
The Aphelion Deserts
A chaos born from solar winds
For these storms are known to me
The stars thirst for darkness
The Aphelion Deserts
This, the foremost surge where
catharsis thrives
Hatred fuels the fires unforgiving
While blessings rain from ebon
Streaming from the apogee
The zest and source of vagrant wrath
and memories
Without repenting gesture
Yonder suns deteriorate
Zenith repose
Contours move into nothingness
The empty comes to life
Finale without end
Love - Hate
Undivided force
A spear which penetrates
Leaving scarred the soul it violates
Lust - Pain
Devilry allure
Poetic universal tongue
The voice that left my dirge unsung
War - Strife
Battleblood in rage
Spiteful vengeance rides
The nightfall of our tender age
Life - Death
Circle come to close
Recesses congregate
Lightlessness is what they'll
I join the vultures of my horizon
The skyline black is now my own
This firmament devies all reason
I'm midst the swarm yet all alone
This flock of fiends know no
And yesterday has fled my view
Evolution laws crawl backwards
Out of the umbra we now spew
Martin Hellkvist '97

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