Daysend - Countdown Lyrics

Writer(s) : Knowles, Beyonce Gisselle / Lamb, Cainon / Frost, Julie / Morris, Nathan B / Morris, Wanya Jermaine / Bivens, Michael / Nash, Terius / Taylor, Shea /
Artist: Daysend Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Severance
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I now see you through your own eyes
You are more than you realize
I can't explain what you can't see
But you are all that fills me

Countdown, counting down for me
All roads are leading to your town
And it's some place I've never been
Countdown, counting down for me
Please don't seduce me with your smile
Because I'm only human

Countdown to you

Countdown to you
I try not to but I'm only falling faster
Countdown to you
Not supposed to but i need you here

It's not like this is meant to be
You are so much better than me
I can't explain what's happening
But I'm losing this fight

Feel a way home but you never


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