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Album: Track 2 on Manifesto
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you have the chance to become a martyr to science
A hungry man has no conscience
And I badly hunger for innovations to save mankind
It's not the lust to kill or torture
But what is your life worth, compared to millions

Swallow these pills,
shoot me to fame
While you meet your end

That's one small step for you,
but could become a leap for mankind
And who cares about some dead bugs
on our verminous rotten planet

Once unimpressive
Don't be afraid
I will give your life a sense

Take the injections, martyr to science
Be a part of the progression, martyr to science
While your tumor is pounding, it's just uniqueness you feel
Your death is our future, we are reinventing the wheel

Your little brains can just not comprehend
It's all about business and not about commiseration
Immunizations already cure generations
So come out of your cage it's time to take the final deathblow

Mankind needs money, research and control
And all the non-human beings play a minor role
Transmitting our diseases to lovely and innocent beings
Watching them suffer is the most horrible idea
But maybe perversion is the only cure for our plagues

(Goodbye my little friends
you have made it to a martyr of science)

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