Death Angel - Disturbing the Peace Lyrics

Artist: Death Angel Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Act III
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Well, I can't get it off my mind
Said, I just can't seem to leave it behind
And it haunts me till this very day
And I don't think it's ever gonna go away
'Cause the people, yes, the common people
They be knowing this **** is real
Having a good time
Ain't committing no crime
Innocent victims
Pushed to the red line

We'll put you people into a line
Interrogate your mind, rape you one at a time
Don't say a word, shut up, and obey
Your opinion doesn't matter to us anyway
'Cause the more that you resist
Is the quicker you make the list
Making your own choice
Playing with the big boys
Pushing us too far
Gonna make a lot of noise

So don't forget the day
The people had something to say
Retribution is underway
Disturbing the peace

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