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Artist: Deep Blue Something Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on 11th Song
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Do you think you're mean
Well, you cut just as easily
As the faggot in the pink

Are you ready tonight
For the bloody sight
Be a good boy, stand up and fight
You're gonna die
You're gonna die

Well hey you, Mrs Big Hair
No one really cares
And all the boys stop and stare
It isn't fair

Well, you really look right
But we know you're not tight
Because you slept with my roommate last night
You're gonna die
You're gonna die

Remember , I'm in you, I'm in you
Remember, I'm in you
Remember, I'm in you, I'm in you
I'm in you

Well hey you, Mr Policeman
Trying to hold my hand
Yeah, we like what you're saying
But please get off the band

And please don't cry
'Cause you know you can't fly
But all you do is sit and get high
You're gonna die (5X)
I'm in you, I'm in you (4X)

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