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[US Bonus Track]

One thing I desire and
One thing I seek is to
Live in Your house all the
Days of my life and behold
Your face, and Your beauty here

In my time of trouble I will
Run to Your house,
Hide me like a secret in the
Depths of Your heart,
You will set me on high,
High on a rock,
God We sing

Hallelujah, hallelu, halle,
Hallelujah, hallelu, halle,
Ev'ry day I have I'll be singing hallelujah

Hear O Lord when I
Cry with my voice,
God be gracious to me as I
Seek Your face,
Do not hide from me now,
Don't turn away
I could lose heart but instead I believe,
It's Your courage and strength that gets me
Up off my knees, I will wait on the Lord,
Gonna wait on You
We sing

In Your arms I would lay,
In Your heart I would stay,

All that I have will be singing halle

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