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Album: Track 10 on If Things Were to Go Wrong
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It?s not worthwhile you share a tear
you need more time and then you?ll see
we are going to find our little place
and there you?ll make shine everything

You just have to let things flow
and then you?ll see how good things come
I?ll give you reasons to believe
don?t you see you are not alone

It takes a while before you realize
that everything you want to do
is right and finally
you will make your dreams come true

If you feel
that something?s going bad

We move away
but please don?t worry bout that

Please tell me why
everything you do is right

Please look around
and feel at home for tonight

I?ve been crying tears with you
and I?ve been laughing there for you
you?ve moved away my loneliness
and you have made shine everything

I?ve never met a girl like you
you make me feel as no one else
?cos you have made my dreams come true
how I can tell you you?re the best

You?ll see it clear eventually
so don?t you worry anymore
I?m gonna give you what you need
told you before I?ve got enough love

I sat on the red chair for you
and I write songs they?re all for you
you?ve moved away my loneliness
and you have made shine everything

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