Deluxe - Three Months of Glory Lyrics

Artist: Deluxe Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on If Things Were to Go Wrong
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If we think back
Seven years ago
When we were three
When we were young
Thought we had been
Through everything
But we were strangers

We created the sauce
We stolen lamps
And we called John
Several times
?cause after all
we didn?t mind
didn?t mind the danger

Those happy days won?t back again
Now we had been through everything
Now we don?t speak too much
?bout those days of glory

The people are
not what we thought
We were talking
?bout it before
but madness juice
makes us strong
and forget the danger

We were three guys
and it were three months
and we were free
?cause we were three
so you and I
still trying to find
just what we lost

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