Demolition Hammer - Waste Lyrics

Artist: Demolition Hammer Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Time Bomb
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wrecking ball. Amphetamine and narcotic blur. Morality. Crash
and burn. Pathetic waste of a life. Human mistake a liar. Only
do enough to get by. Excrement of society. Master - deceit.
You deserve to die. Bllod sucker. Exess. Animal. Low life, low
life, low life, no life. Begging like a starving dog. Stealing
like a weasel no remorse. At all. Vindicate your soul not an
easy thing. Mark your prey. There's no stopping. Judas. Prey
upon naive. Unfortunate. Victims, sriking like a snake. Try to
find a way to justify. Treason, a staple of your life.

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