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Artist: Denison Witmer Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Safe Away
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we'll get in my car around 10:30 that night
for the new york city skyline
destination of our sights
it's the biggest healing session that i've had for some years
the laughter and the driving and the letting go of..,

she seems to have a way of making me feel
you always have a way of keeping me real

* hold me, my world is closing
help me to keep it open

we stand in the parking lots of late afternoons
talking of the ways we pray for healing of wounds

she seems to have a way of bringing me down
you always have a way of bringing me out

* hold me, my world...

we feel the push of
the love directed life for us
we feel the push of
the christ directed life, the love directed life

* hold me, my world...

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