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Album: Track 12 on Dethalbum II
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Sweating Bleeding We Can't Stop
Dream Demons Whisper Spells
To Punish The Dwellers In Earthly Hell

Starved Still We Reach The Top
Close Our Eyes Look Toward The Gods
Summon Fire From The Earth
Incite The Flames We Fear Not DETH

Magma Heats
We Fear Not DETH
Darkened Hills
We Fear Not DETH
Molten Rock
We Fear Not DETH
Volcanic Kills
We Fear Not DETH

Mantle Crust Ignites
Bleeding Heated Birth
Will We Die Tonight?
Punished By The Earth

Highland Fires
Run For Shelter
Help No Better
Frozen Human
While They're Fleeing
Horrid Sculpture
Forever Screaming

Mantle Crust Ignite
Bleeding Heated Birth
Will We Do Tonight?
Punished By The Earth

Come And Take Us
We Mock Your Anger
We Laugh At Your Power
We Fear Not DETH
We Fear Not DETH

We Challenge Your Fury
We'll Dive In To Lava
And Burn like We're Cinders
We Fear Not DETH
We Fear Not DETH

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