Diana King - Still Lyrics

Writer(s) : Marvel, Andy / Tucker, Handel / King, Diana Eugena
Artist: Diana King Lyrics
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Album: Track 13 on Think Like a Girl
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I watch you as you sleep
I think about tomorrow
And pray you'll never go
Somewhere I couldn't follow

Young as we are now
We won't live forever, sad but true
If you went away
I'd still be loving you

Still be wanting you
Looking in your eyes
I see our children's children
Sure as the sun will rise

Together we shall see them
But if this can not be
Time won't change
The way I feel, it's true

If only you knew
I'd still be loving you
Still be wanting you
Even if you weren't mine

You know I couldn't love you better
And even if you were dying
I wouldn't care, I'll be there
For always

Still be loving you
Still be wanting you

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