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I don't remember what day it was
I didn't notice what time it was
All I know in fact, I fell in love with you
And if all my dreams come true
I'll be spending time with you

Every Day's a new day in love with you
With each day comes a new day of loving you
Everytime I kiss your lips my mind starts to wonder
And if all my dreams come true
I'll be spending time with you

Ohh, I love you move today than yesterday
but not as much as tomorrow
I love you more today than yesterday
But darlin not as much as tomorrow

Tomorrow's day mean Spring time just a day away
Cupid we dont' need ya now be on your way
I thank the Lord for love like ours' just grows very stronger
And I always will be true
I know you feel the same way too

Every Days'a new day, Everytime I love ya
And Every Ways a new way
Every time I love

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