Diary of Dreams Bird Without Wings II Lyrics

Artist: Diary of Dreams
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This bird so crippled - little bird
Just wants to learn to fly - Longing for the sky
Tell me fellow - sufferer - Tear apart my fate
Who broke them and why - Just another try
Tar-stained feathers - broken wings
Preachers rise your hands - Like shattered pride
Now life can be damn boring - Hunted, wanted
With your eyes raised to the sky-dancing-wild

Sophistication - Heaven , sky
Sophistication - Tell me why ?
Sophistication - Heaven, sky
Sophistication - No wings to fly

Circles, vicious circles - Faith and fate
As the wind denies my wish - Belief and doubts
How can you leave me here ? - Struggling helpless
I'm missing what's still there - Between the clouds

Broken wings - Heaven , sky
With remains of reflexes - Attempt, temptations
Trying to lift me up - Helpless cries
Far beyond the clouds - And falling nations
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