Diary of Dreams - Painkiller (A Place Of Silence) Lyrics

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Tell me who is next?
And who was the last one?
No word to disturb this endless beauty,
a single thought will prove me wrong!

A single thought will prove me wrong
as if it was my last one!
Come see, without the color
there`s nothing left to love.

Say good-bye to all your memories
Don`t ask me why!
I count my yesterdays.
Soul surgery, electric dream treatment,
eyes turned blind that once could see...

Es gibt kein zweites wiedersehen
im schlaf, mein bruder
Wirst du mich schon verstehen
bevor ein neuer tag vergeht, nur du...
Fangst du mir einen traum.

So please be quiet in this room,
this is a place of silence.

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