Die Antwoord In Your Face Lyrics

Artist: Die Antwoord
Publishers: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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Length: 4:30

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In your face

Jealousy makes you nasty
In your face!

Yo-landi vi$$er! gooi! Bring it!
Bam! you don't know who I am!
I'm a phenomenon that you can never understand
You don't know where I come from! you don't know where I hang!
I **** you when I slam with my **********in slang
We coming wif that hot stuff drop it like it's warm, hot
Pretty fokken wise hier getatoo op my arm, pretty ****in wise tattooed here on my arm
Ag shame if yo-landi vi$$er's ****in wif your brain
Don't think about it too much you'll pop a ****in vein
Like b-b-b-boom! gimme ****in room!
You chilling in the fast lane ****ing up my zoom
Lekker fokken brain-strain keeping up wif this ****, sexy mind-****
All up in the main vein keep it ****in twisted
People think they know me but they don't know ****
Follow my every move, snif the seat after I sit
Make you feel it when I spit want ek spoeg jou fokken nat, cos I spit you ****in wet
All I know is that I'm blowing up like jissis what the ****? wat?


Boom! gimme ****in room!
I'm coming from the dark side of the ****in moon!
I'm a god or a devil! harder than metal!
Ja I'm a rebel! **** you if you not on my level
Lot of nosey naaiers digging in my past, ****ers
Like an irritating little finger in my arse
Ja sure ninja changed a little since he left school
So did you but the thing is you a little less cool
Look at me now man, damn! I don't know where I am!
What must I do wif all this ****in money in my hand?
Used to be a no-one, now I'm the ****in man
With this ****-you money to say **** you cos I can
Woo! jissis guys, this is nice!
Chilling up in **********in business class
Take this hot face-cloth wipe my bum
Get it lekker ready so that you can kiss my arse, nice and ready

Fok jou!

Here is something you can't understand
How I can just flip the ****in script
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