Dilba - No Room for Love Lyrics

Artist: Dilba Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Dilba
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Midnight magic is here but
You're too lost to notice
I failed to understand
And now my heart knows it
Asking for too much is so
Easily done
It is sad but the end has just begun
I reach for clothes
It's too cold to stand here naked
No room for love
Our love is a walk on ice
It's just too easy to break it
No room for love
We can only lose as
There's nothing to win
The piece of your mind
That is leaving, won't let me in
Asking for too much is so
Easily done
It is late and the end
Has just begun
See through pain and tears
Will I see through your fear
Cold and lonely, here I stand
On this trip between love and
Pain, Will I cope, will I cope
But till then I...

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