Dionysus - Anthem (for the Children) Lyrics

Artist: Dionysus Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Sign of Truth
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It's the same all across the nations
The ones who suffer the most
Always victims, always mistreated
Not even a sign of hope
Wonder who's gonna live tomorrow
Wonder who's gone? insane
Empty souls with a shell of iron
Life is just one big pain

I see the fear in their faces
I see the tears in their eyes

Never felt the joy of living
Never felt quite okay
Tell me how can they even make it
To another day

Save a prayer for the innocent
Their childhood's been taken? away
It's an anthem for the children
They're always the ones who must pay
Save a prayer for the innocent
It happens right here and today
It's an anthem for the children
To make them refuse to obey

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