Dirty Gangsta Lyrics

Artist: Dirty
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Length: 4:16

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***** I been a "G" all my life
A "G" down to ride
"G's" stay getting high
I'm a "G" 'til I die
A ***** known to bust gats
Take half a day to skeet crack
I represent the slum
Gangsta body dipped in all black
Don't act like you ain't know that
My clique is quick to go at
Any of why yall prankstas, why yall ain't gangstas
Why yall just throwbacks
Put slugs to yo brain
Thuggin' blood's in my vein
The ghetto version of Norman Bates
Thug in the same
So ask about me
Porno with six stars
So don't doubt me
And *****s who ain't gangsta
Stay the **** away from round me
I got dope in every county
****in' *****es that's a ?
They call me that boy Nutty
Ain't no ***** finna clown me
****, I haul off and kidnap yo whole family
Strap up a bomb and kill every one for testing me
So when I go I'm taking all my folks
So when we hit hell, we still can go to war
That's gangsta!

Now if you catch me with a OZ
Ridin' 4 deep in a Caprice
Hollin' **** the police ************
You in the hood everyday
Same clothes tryin' ta skeet a pound of dro' ************
You in the feds gotta do 5 years
Just because you wouldn't squeal ************
You got kids to feed
They gotta live even if you have to kill ************

Now Lil Burn-One's the ***** hoe hoppin, dro' copin', gun toter
Wool club loader, 4-5 in the holster
And its the take over
I'm shaking these *****es from off my ****
And these haters up off my shoulder
Claiming gangsta but you so coward
Talking bout trepos
Sissy *** ***** then take yo *** to Chuck Wilder
Women's prison and you still probably won't last for a hour
You a ***** scared to death you gon' get raped in the shower
By 6 dikes slapping yo *** with towels
You'll probably move yo bowels
You'll probably piss on yourself and crumble like a ball of powder
See we fo sho' folk, 9-7 four-door
Black Game claiming throwing signs out the window
We keep it all "G", since elementary
We represented from the block to penitentiary
Make em remember me, Burn one the O.G
I'm going out black clothes out, fro'd out, that's Gangsta!

He just asked me "Pimp why you bangin' my trick?"
Hoes tell that ***** my name
Frank Dingaling *****
I'm that fat daddy hall
Fifth of Hen, hydro, bull dagger and her friend
I'm a fat nasty dog
I make these hoes crawl
Plus I'm gangsta bought
Bust at my enemy
Plus I'm in they main girl draws
You ain't no kin to me
So ***** keep my name out yo mouth
You talkin' **** I'll **** this trigga ***** and run in yo house
And lay you down
Let me come into your house
So piss on the ground
**** this pistol into your mouth
And don't make a sound
There's no way in and there's no way out
So bring me your gat
I'm bumping New Edition's "Candygirl"
When Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, and Mike had a curl
That's gangsta
You heard gangstas make the world turn round
Well ****'s gon' continue popping while fire burn on the ground
Now that's gangsta!

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