Disappear Fear - Damn Crazy Lyrics

Artist: Disappear Fear Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on Live At The Bottom Line
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Consumer Report don't tell me how
to fix my heart
TV tells me where to call
But I don't want that at all
I know I'm lazy
But I'm so damn crazy for you
Rollin' down lonely highways
I can hardly see the road, towns flyin' by
'cause I'm in my mind way back in time
when you were mine
I know I'm lazy
But I'm so damn crazy for you
And it's a shame
You were always there for me
It's me I blame
But I was too blind to see
We never made this official
But I see your initals on every license plate
in every state in the whole USA!!
I know i'm lazy,
But I'm so damn crazy, I know I've been lazy
but I'm so damn crazy
I KNOW I was lazy
But I'm so damn crazy
For you!!!

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