Disappear Fear - Love Isn't Dead Lyrics

Artist: Disappear Fear Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Live At The Bottom Line
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I always thought that you would
be the one to come running to me
when I call your name
It gives me pain to think
I drink the wine of time alone
I toast to us.
That's not enough - that's what you said
Love isn't dead, it's only hiding
And I know, we can find it inside
If we just let our hearts collide
So slow the road goes all around the moon and back
to light up the skin on your face
it's not my place but I'm standing here
it's clear the water rushes to the shore
and then recedes, like love when it bleeds
the deeper the needs
Mimi - I found the thunder and so I
me me no need to wonder
I made it easy to take my hand
And I've got no secret agenda, no hidden plan.

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