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Artist: Disembodied Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Heretic
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Life encaged in madness
lies in forced to live with
look into my eyes
see the naked truth
and tell me you can't feel it too.

in this world of suffering
there is nothing that's everlasting

lost my will to go on
shed this body from me
set me free

now watch my soul slip away
break these shackles
let me live

but I die inside
my mind denied
so i burn
the sin
and never forget
nothing lasts forever

nothing left to do NOTHING
nothing left to see NOTHING
nothing left to feel NOTHING
nothing left to be NOTHING
Theres nothing left of me...NOTHING.
*time to wreck shit*
In this world of suffering
there's nothing that's everlasting...nothing

no drugs can kill this pain
no one survives this game
thank god that you still care

see me
feel me
be me
set me free...

but I die inside
my mind denied
so i burn
the sin
and never forget

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