Disembodied - Dead Before Birth Lyrics

Artist: Disembodied Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Diablerie
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Suppressed by mountains of rage
yearling within a hope
someday he'll amount to something
that someday he'll amount to nothing
his hands remain empty
his eyes sewn shut
his heart remains starving
his hope some how caught between right and wrong
right and wrong
a gap to be bridged
a life to be lived
a sould to be saved
a hope unscathed
still something from nothing is still nothing
can i find my deadly excuse in your vast emptiness
can i live my life in your delusion
with hope i'll be someone to build a mountain from nothing
to be someone
someday with hope i'll be someone someday
with hope i'll amount to something
with hope i'll amount to nothing.

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