Disgorge - Goremassacre Perversity Lyrics

Artist: Disgorge Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Necrholocaust
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With perverse and unmercyful urge for meat Rancid flesh reeks Lying on my pits Envenomed Post mortem consume I am addicted to your cryptic purulence Feasting through millions of deads Incubating the cadaveric Excoriating shredding goremassacre Perverse exhuming flux For my hellish psyosisified lust Necroconvulsing pieces I execrates Inserting the rancious amputating sodomy Stabbing and slaughtering Through the digested and butchered Cremating and extinguishing All disgusting remains Craving the malforming That secretes the drills I ingest Decapitating. Mucose caseated. Feast Deranged horrid licking Disinterred rotted flesh Maggots corrodes my tooths on mauled odours I feel delighted when I corrupt the weak Putrefactive exterminating Dissective malignancy Total reeking gore massacre perversity Bathing vomitorial carnage Stenching worms Splatters the crimson stakes Mincing excremential desecrating turfs Malignantly attack Cadaveric goremassacre perversity Burnt And crispy putrilage In millions of stak
es Rancid putrid shit I consume Reaping in excrement Hacking in pus Unborn childs, we delight

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