Disgorge - Macabre Realms of Inhuman Bestiality Lyrics

Artist: Disgorge Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Necrholocaust
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Bloodthirst I only feel Melting my rancid emotions of squirm Sharpening my blades, neverending fullfill Of this inhume pleasure to kill Macabre realms of mental ill Torrid pleasance maiming the skin Enemized corrupted your rancorous sewage Maim the skin through drainage Trash and hack through the steaming avulsion Necromantic psychedelic high convulsion Macabre realms of inhuman bestiality Mazy and vulgar cankerous monstrosity Frenziedly inhaling this unpleasant reek Gouging to satisfy my wasted teeth Culinary carrion purulent rush Splitting and splattering innards in husk In this demented lust Incinerating shocks of ecstasy Blobs impure blistering fantasy Curves this necrosanctity Blurs my conception of insanity Blessed repulsive initiation For the most rotted of the deaths

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