Disgorge - Raise the Pestilence Lyrics

Artist: Disgorge Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Necrholocaust
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Ages of gorerotted sinful carnage Lives through my dampening mind Defiling all my rancid perverse aims Worshipping all kind of putrid maims Within the realms of narcotic fantasy Blists my desires of reeking infamy Vile ghastly enucleating your arteries In frenzied bloodshed pieces A flatulent gallery of grotesqueries For my awful spiked of sin sentiments Still purulent bags full of slag Remains slimy between this inhume site Abominably obsessed with pus Living for vomit, blood and guts Twisted waste of eructating gnaw Grinding whirlwind of insanity Rancious conjurings of the rot Mixed with pot and steaming curdling clots Voices From beyond I must follow and obey Grumes Of tender soggyness crawls in this mess Festering memories Of pain and suffering Of many vanquished meat for slaying Rigor mortis collapses Putrid afterglow Invoking my lurking desires I beg for fucking more Septic carrion effluve ecstasy Brings this plunder trance of lunacy My fervour of the dead I must command Sickening sensations whe
n I suck your glans Entombed relics of malicious art Sadistic I boil when I collage your ward How fuckin adore your funk in necrose Puking once for more to obtain waste from below Mercyless attraction for the pungent dues A gruesome bliss invades my narcotic fumes I raise the dead I live for sin I fuckin raise The pestilence

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