Dissection - A Land Forlorn Lyrics

Artist: Dissection Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on The Somberlain
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The mountains below we reached by our will
The flame of our swords are burning still
Temptated by the night to spread hate and fear
We're the revenge the blackest, Their souls in our prey
Storms of evil, thunder and might
Their moon's in our eyes, a guiding sight
We're the march of profanity
The darkest breed, again we'll rise
forth against the flocks of the weak
We'll approach a land forlorn
Our hordes arrived/Oh hordes of white,
watch us take your lives
As false you'll fall, falseness disappear
(The land) where eyes are blind we have found
Battle sign under the shape of mine
Darkest souls now set free
We rose again, damnation's reign
Watch me absorb your thoughts
See me ruin your halls of light
Weltering in your sadness for infinity
We're the march of profanity
Your tragedy, flames will rise
forth against the flocks of the weak
No return, A land forlorn

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