Dissection - Son of the Mourning Lyrics

Artist: Dissection Lyrics
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Album: Track 13 on Storm of the Light's Bane / Where Dead Angels Lie
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Evil son
Spread your wings of deepest black
Spit on "god"
May his lies be forgotten

The son of the mourning
A gift to our earth
Christ stands tall no more
So bestow your force upon us

Gaze into the wall of these restless souls
Eternally, lost in fear of your
Godforsaken son

You have tasted suffering
That dove of life has died
Paralyzed and terrorized
By the fear you feel inside
Caught within the floods of blood
Evil, departed sea
Immortal but now it's like to forever bleed!

We saw the truth
And it's the draining of the blood
Of your false redeemer
The mourning son has now control
So what if it's evil

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