Dance With Me Lyrics

Dizzee Rascal

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Whats up darlin?
I've been keepin my eye on your movements.
I can't see no room for improvement
And while your all over there in your jack jones.
You need to let me get behind your back bones.
Cause i'm the man for the job let me work it.
I won't waste no time i'll make it worth it.
One hundred percent i'll make it perfect.
You got a body to die for lemme merk it.
Now it's murder on the dance floor, I wanna take this further than the dance floor.
I ain't forceful but i'm still hardcore.
Your gunna give me everything i ask for.
It's not a long ting, your the boom ting.
Maybe more than a hotel room ting.
I'll never know if i just walk past, i really wanna dance so i guess i'll just ask.

She ain't no hoe,
Look at those thighs it's in her eyes shes good to go,
She can satify my mind, body and my soul
come and dance with me, come and dance with me, come and dance with me, come dance with me, i see you glassin me, so thas why i'm askin b, so lets party b, come and dance with me

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