How's It Going Down Song Lyrics


What type of games are being played, how's it going down?
It's on till it's gone, then I gots to know now
Is you wit' me, or what? They gon' try to give me a nut
Just honeys want to give me the butt, what?

I'm politicking with this chicken, wondering if I'm a creep her
Little hood rat ***** from 25th named Tamika
Coming through, like I do, you know, getting my bark on
Knew she was a thug 'cause when I met her, she had a scarf on
Fifty-four, eleven, size seven in girls
Baby face, would look like she was eleven with curls
Girlfriend, (what), remember me from way back; I'm the same cat
With the wave cap, the ************ that TNT used to blaze at
Still here, so it's all good
Oh, you know my *****s Rich and them doing they thing on 35th Ave.
It's a small hood, and it's all wood, so let me get that number, hook it up, a'ight
Hit you on the jack later on, see wassup
Talking to shorty made me want to do something nice
Looking at that *** made me want to do something tonight
And I know right when I see right; shorty lookin' like she tight
She bite, better give a ***** the green light; we might...

[Chorus x 2]

I'm getting at shorty, like what you need, what you want?
Offer nothing 'cause I got you, but you frontin'
I see you with your baby father but it don't matter
Since you gave me the *****, that *** is getting fatter
Let that ***** play daddy, make moves with me
I done kept it more than real, Boo, can't lose with me
Heard he smacked you 'cause you said my name while y'all was sexin'
Ran up on this cat he thought was me and started flexin'
You know I ain't even with that
So he gon' have to get that just on TV
Try to creep me? (What?) Leave that ***** sleepy
On the strength of you, and that's your kid's daddy
I ain't gon' send him on his way, put him up in that big caddy
But let him know, never mind, yo, I need you to go, take this snow up to one-five-oh, see Joe
Get that, come back with that, and we can split that, sit back, ****, puff a L, forget that
You wit' that?

[Chorus x 2]

Hey yo, this chicken got me digging her moves 'cause she smooth
Win to lose, whoever she choose gets the dues
Respect is not expected but it's given 'cause it's real
Being neglected's the norm, expected, the deal
Lie, cheat, and steal for me
Putting something in a *****'s wig if you squeal for me, kill for me
You still with me 'cause we get down like what
Told you it's from the dog, it ain't all about a nut
I'm gon' be fair, try to be there; we gon' see then
Hit me with the question, Boo, that answer gon' be "yeah"
See there, something can go wrong, it does
Loved it, let it go; but it came back, that's how strong it was
But she belonged to cuz, couldn't belong to me
Had two kids by this *****, it was wrong for me
But we gon' always be, best of friends (Ha ha)
Mad love, Boo, to the end (Ha ha)

[Chorus x 2]


publisher: ©EMI Music Publishing, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Earl Simmons, Anthony Fields
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