Doc Watson - Wake Up, Little Maggie Lyrics

Writer(s) : D. WATSON, G. CARLTON
Artist: Doc Watson Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Memories
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wake up wake up little maggie

why do you sleep so sound

them highway robbers are a coming

gone a tear your play house down

oh where is my little darling

the girl I love so dear

she's gone away and left me

andis a courtin some other one

I got drunk in the city

then I stumbled and fell at her door

she throwed her little arms around me

but she bid me come back no more

Oh my head bows down like the willow

and I'm lonesome like a dove

sometimes there's tears on my pillow

when I think about my love

Oh where is my little darling

that girl I loved so dear

she's gone away and left me

and is a courting another man

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