Bad Radio Freestyle Lyrics

Dom Pachino

album: Track 18 in album Tera Iz Him
release date: 2002
popularity : 4 users have visited this page.
genres: Hip Hop
styles: Thug Rap
length: 1:58

Cover Art

Dom Pachino Tera Iz Him cover art
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... what the fuck the deal, huh? (you know)
L.E.S., what's going, on, baby? (word up, word)
I'm right here, youknowhatimean, Bad Radio
Dred & Star, Smooth and the rest of the click
NahImean, up in the joint, like what?
NahImean, all my soldiers out there, throw ya grenades up one time
Killarmy has dropped the third bomb (word up)
Kid, Terrorist shit, Terrorist shit, niggas
Yeah (word up, you know how we do son
Aiyo, what's cracking with the album right now, son
Let these niggas know) Man you know
It dropped the same day and the joint got hit
Like psst... (knowhatimean) it dropped the album, the same day
The World Trade got blown up, knawmean (that's real)
Knawman, peace to all the families, knawmean
That got it bad or whatever
And everybody involved with the whole thing
The whole New York is hurting right now
Youknowhatimean, one love to whole New York right now
For holding strong, you know? (Word up)
But, word, we up in here, you know the album dropped
Whatever, you know, just, knowhatmean?
Out here politicking, man, I'mma be all over man
All over... look out for that Terrorist shit
Coming real soon, man, my solo joint about to splash ya'll niggas
Knawhatimean (word up, let these niggas know son
Aiyo, aiyo, check this shit out there, you know this is live
We the illest pirate niggas in the world
Aiyo spit a dart real quick for these niggas
Let these niggas know how you do right now son)
Yeah, uh-huh (let these niggas know how you do, it's war time
Come on, come on) Yo, son, I tell you what
Yo, for all ya warcats, check it out, all ya warheads
Yo, yo, yo
Offical warhead, infect ya brain tissue with poison lead
Global patrol, first to make it go, buzzin' with morse code
Strike 'em out, three in a row, power like Castro
Bustin' stardust, blind-folded, machine gun gold coded
Banana clip, all iced out, my man sold it to a foreigner
P.L.O. man, hold down a store with it
Got robbed, fleed to his country and went to war with it
The bi-coastal, rhymes loco, darts'll toast you
Short trimp, Powerule man, Terrorist vocals
Complex murderous mind'll smoke you
When I black out, you wanna bet money? Kid, pull ya stack out
Terrorist, in the daylight, expose the Mac out
We dangerous, I be a strong link within the chain of this
Bobby be the lock, you get a shot when I'm aimin' this

Track Listing

CD 1
  • 1 Intro With Freestyle
  • 2 The Ceremony (feat. 9th Prince)
  • 3 Grimy Suspects (feat. Rubberbandz)
  • 4 Bum Rush
  • 5 Fear
  • 6 Tera Iz Him
  • 7 You're Something Else
  • 8 Classic Dart #1 - Wu-Renegades
  • 9 Classic Dart #2 - The Shoot Out
  • 10 Wannabeez
  • 11 Vanishing
  • 12 Criminal (feat. Shyheim & 9th Prince)
  • 13 Pete Rock/Marley Marl Freestyle (feat. 9th Prince & Killa Sin)
  • 14 The Rules (feat. Chi Chi)
  • 15 Trust Me (feat. 9th Prince)
  • 16 Roll With the Rush (feat. TMF & Killarmy)
  • 17 Illusions Freestyle (feat. Mateo)
  • 18 Bad Radio Freestyle