Don Covay - Iron Out the Rough Spots Lyrics

Artist: Don Covay Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on See-Saw
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I've been feelin' meager
Been hurt so many times
But I've got faith in you
You can ease my troublin' mind

Come on, now
Iron out the rough spots, girl
Iron out the rough spots, yeah
You can do it, baby
Come on an do it, baby

Hurts gotta hold on me, girl
And I can't explain just what it is, now
But if you'll turn to me
I'll be alright if you will
Come on, girl

Iron out the rough spots
People, let her
Iron out the rough spots
Come on, right now

What you gon' do?
(About this wrinkle in my heart?)
What cha gonna do, huh?
(About this wrinkle in my heart?)

Ooo, I'll be headed in the right direction
If you'll give me, twenty-four hours
Of your protection, yeah
Hold me, kiss me
Love me, yeah

Iron out the rough spots, girl
Iron out the rough spots
Come on I need ya, baby
Iron-iron-iron, yeah

When I'm in trouble
Be my lawyer
When I'm hurt
Be my doctor, baby
When I need ya
I want ya to be my lover

I want ya to, iron-iron-iron
All the wrinkles outta my heart
With your lovin'
Cause I need you right now

Come on, now
I'm beggin'
Down on my last pair a-knees
Please do somethin' for me?
Have a little mercy-mercy-mercy, baby
I want you to take your lovin' iron

Iron, iron, out all the rough-rough
Rough spots, in my heart baby, now

Girl, a- I need you, h'uh!
Baby, baby, yeah, yeah
That's alright
It's gonna be alright, an
I'm gonna take you to love

Think we're makin' love
Make my heart, secure.
Oh, baby, now.

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