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(organ & guitar)

There's a sad, sad day, ha!
For me up ahead
I saw this stone woman
Lyin' in my bed
Last night I saw my dreams
Torn in half
I saw my future
Caught up with my past

It's in the wind
You're leavin' me, again
Oh, heard it blow
In the wind
You're leavin' me, again

Oh, they're talk'n about it
Down on my job
But you wanna get off
Just when my lovin' start

But you just don't know how
To say good-bye to me
You wanna see, me cry
You see! ooh!

It's in the wind
You're leavin' me, again
Ooo, feel a heavy feelin'
(In the wind)
You're leavin' me, again

Po' me, umm-m

Fool, fool, fool
Oh, what a fool I've been
I been good to ya
But ya hurt me in the end

It's in the wind
(That you're leavin' me, again)
Thought I heard it yesterday
Oh (in the wind)
That you're leavin' me, again

An I can see the hand writin'
On the wall, ya'all

Oh! oh! oh!
I'll be cryin' in the end

Lord, it's comin' little closer
It's comin' closer


Po' Me
Yes it is.


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