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Shhhh, quiet it is kept!

(1, 2, 3, play)

There's a little place that I know
When I wanna hang out
Ev'rybody goes
But they don't talk about it

There's a little place I know
Where lovers meet
Where folks don't put you been there
Out in the street

Don't ask me where it is
'Cause they don't advertise
But they got rooms available
To fit your package size

At the No Tell Motel (tell you)
They keep your secret very well, yeah
Quiet is it kept
(Talkin' 'bout the No Tell Motel) ya'all
Where you can go and raise hell (hey-hey-yeah)

Out of nowhere
Walks up to your car (hey!)
Little short fat man
Smokin' a long cigar

He says, 'Welcome to the No Tell
The house of romance
No checks or credit card
Cash in advance
Do it yourself room service
Twenty-four hours a day
Check-out time is one p.m.
Love over you pay' (pay-hey-hey)

At the No Tell Motel (aaah!)
They keep your secret very well, ya'all
(Outta money!)
(Talk a-bout the No Tell Motel, now)
(Call your ex up) ooh!(try it)
Where you can go and raise hell
(Call your ex up)

Shhhhh, No Tell's B-Girl


(Down there Motel's B-girl)
Motel's B-girl (ooo! yeah, yeah)
(You've got the honte yallo sucre)
Eeee! yeah, yeah yeah
(Down the Motel's, B-girls)
Yeah, tell them
(Ooo honk (honk) once for la bordell-o
Ooo-wee! yeah- yeah

(Down there Motel's B-girls)
B-girls, yeah
(You've got the honte yellow sucre)
'I don't do that'
Down there Motel's B-girls
(Motel's B-girl)
(Ooo honk (honk) once gon' lay boy down (del)

There's a desk in the lobby
With no one behind it
You don't have to change your name
'Cause you don't have to sign it

There's a sign on the wall
'Lovin' At Your Own Risk'
If it don't have what you want
Love what you wish

Two towels runnin' water
Comes along with the room
But you don't get no refund
If you got the wham-bam-boom!

At the No Tell Motel, yeah!
They keep your secret very well
Quiet it's kept
At the No Tell Motel
Where you can go and raise hell, shhh!

(short guitar & instrumental)

Wait a minute
Wait a minute
Wait a minute-minute
Wait-a-wait-wait, yeah!



(Only motel's, pretty girls) yeah 3:15
(Still got the honte yellow sucre)
(Only motel's, pretty girls)
Motel-pretty girl, yeah
(Ooo honk, honk, once gon' lay a boy down)

B movies on there

(Down there Motel, B girls)
Le bordell, yeah
(Ooo honk, honk, once gon' lay a boy down)
B movies
It's only Motel B-girls
(Still got the honte yellow sucre)

I hope I ain't steppin' on nobody's toes out there!
If I am
Let it hurt, yeah!


I believe, everybod-ha-hay
Know what I'm talkin' about

About the No Tell

Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute
Wait a minute


You can boogie there!

(guitar & bass & instrumental)


Said you can boogie down there!

Boogie to it!

Well, well, well, well, well, well

Gotta have it

It's in the pocket!

Bow, wow, wow, wow, wow

No Tell Motel

The No Tell Motel

Be what you wanna be, yeah!

(The No Tell Motel!)

Do what you wanna do

(The No Tell Motel)

(Ain't nobody gon' tell on you)

(The No Tell Motel!)

Your pocketbook don't walk!

(The No Tell Motel!)

The rooms ain't bugged there!


(The No Tell Motel)

And the walls don't talk! yeah!

(The No Tell Motel)

You gotta friend!

(The No Tell Motel!)

At The Hide-a-Way Motor Inn, yeah

(The No Tell Motel).


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