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Album: Track 9 on See-Saw
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Please be there, on time
Please be there, on time
Darlin' please don't be late
Oh, darlin' I can't wait
Please be there at nine
At the usual place

I can't go through another night
Been so long since I held you tight
Darlin', please don't disappoint me
Keep me out of misery
Please be there on time
At the usual place

You're the sugar
You're the sugar in my coffee, my-my
You're the, you're the salt
The salt in my bread, yes, you are girl
An If I don't, if I don't
See ya soon, baby, oh yeah
I guess I'll go on out of my head
(Please, please, please)

Please, be there on time
Please, be there on time
Darlin', please don't be late
Don't let nothin' stand in your way
Please be there on time
At the usual place.

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