Donna Lewis - Without Love Lyrics

Artist: Donna Lewis Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Now in a Minute
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Think of me like I think about you
Give me a sign, show me you care
Am I so far away in your thoughts not there
Forget what you told me it's what didn't get said
It's not much to ask come down off your cloud
And with your feet on the ground say something out loud

Without Love ... I mean nothing to you.
Without Love ... broken in two.
Without Love ... give me some value, some worth.
Without Love ... no life left on Earth ...

Blame it on work, buy me some flowers
Empty gestures wile away the hours
Promises promises sealed with a kiss
Please acknowledge it's me that you miss
No message received no excuses believed, you hurt me so much
I'll never recover
Takes time to discover a love like no other


Without Love ... I mean nothing to you.
Without Love ... Without Love ... I mean nothing to you
Without Love ...
I mean nothing ... I mean nothing ... I mean nothing nothing to you ...
And I'm broken ... I'm broken broken in two ...
I mean nothing ...

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