Donnie McClurkin - Yes, We Can Can Lyrics

Artist: Donnie McClurkin Lyrics
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Verse 1:
Now's the time for all good men
To get together with one another
We've got to iron out our problems
And iron out our quarrels
And try to live as brothers
We've got to try to find peace witihin
Without stepping on one another
And do respect the woman of the world
Remember, we all have mothers
You gotta make this land a better land
In the world in which we live
We gotta help each man and each woman be better
By the kindness that we give
I know we can make it, I know real well
We can make it, yes we can, can...
Yes we can, I know we can, can
Yes we can, can, a why can't we if we wanna
Yes we can, can
I know we can make it work
I know we can make it if we try
Yes we can, I know we can, can
Yes we can, Great God Almighty
Yes we can, I know we can, can
(We can make it work I know we can)
Yes, we can can...
We've got to take care of the children
The children of this worrld
For they are the strongest hope for the world
The little bitty boys and girls
Repeat Chorus & Ad Lib Till Fade

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