Dope Everything Sucks Lyrics

Artist: Dope
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Album: Track 3 on Felons and Revolutionaries
Length: 3:01

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If somebody's asking I've gone away
Yeah somebody's packing and gone today
The summer was lovely and I enjoyed my stay
Well maybe I'll be back one day (?)
Sorry to hurry but I'll miss my plane
Don't worry about me I'll be okay
See ya the next time
Maybe I'll stop by
Maybe well I'll try
Hopefully but I guess

I never cared that much
And I never kept in touch
And most of all what really sucks is
Everything and all of us

So and so called me yesterday
So and so tells me that so's okay
I don't know took me far away
Hopefully I'll be back one day
So many places
So many faces
Everything changes
Everything's the same as
So many places
So many faces
Everything changes
Yeah typical, but I guess

repeat chorus


repeat chorus
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