Draconian - It Grieves My Heart Lyrics

Artist: Draconian Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on Where Lovers Mourn
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The world is falling so cold and grey.
Shallow and empty life lingers on.

It grieves my heart, it tears me apart
I hear this constant disharmony!

Lost in a dead world
With broken wings!

Human reality feeds upon a whore!
For what idols have these lowlifes
Bowed their heads to build up a shattered world?
Kill the ***** on the cross
Scorn their sacred loss!
And the sheeps are making love to the madness of the flow!
Is this all they know?

The madness of the flow will take the final blow,
As the sun goes down over mankind's tomb
In the universal graveyard of filth and slime.
This is Our time!

Lost in a sick world
Beholding the corruption!

Curse them all!
Lead them astray!
It grieves my heart they won't go away!

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