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Writer(s) : Stewart, Demetrius L / Jordan, Alphonso / Jordan, Lorenzo / Cook, T
Artist: Drama Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Causin' Drama
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Man: We just I.D. the suspect as Drama

Chorus 2x:
Ya'll *****s been booming birds
**** what you heard man
Ya'll *****s been setting up shop
Ain't nothing going on
You think that I don't know what's going down on Godby Road

36 ounces man Caribbean cocaine
This dope game is all I know so how you might let it go
Feds they got me ****ed want to hear a ***** snitch.
But I ain't a sucka yo and I ain't no ****in hoe
So **** what you talking and you can speak to my lawyer bro
Cause snitches get stitches throwed off in ditches with they dome split
What the **** you mean what the **** you thank I'm all about this bank
I ain't no snitch I ain't no hoe so you can let it go
Give me ten years I'll do five and be free once again
In the lab cooking that yay I'm all about my ends.

Chorus 2x

Hit Robby Rob on that hip cause he got yay for days
He fronted me five first and told me Drama **** them jays
Give him three and I keep two and that was all good
See in this game it ain't no rules for foes and friends
It's every ***** for himself trying to get an end
See Godby Road it just ain't what it use to be
*****s clocking bread and trying to get this meal ticket
This game we play is all so real and yes these streets be wicked
28 grams and an ounce of a thousand and 8 per key
Drop by the music store to holler at Reggie and use the phone
I never use the phone at home cause it might be tapped
And that's the first mistake to get a ***** *** wrapped
Door kicked in house tossed up but that's just how they do it
want to catch a ***** slipping and try to put it to em
Taking to jail giving no bond and lead the judge to em
It won't be me it can't be me so **** ???
Holler at Punch up in the barber shop you heard something
He told me yeah I heard them folks they looking for you Drama

Chorus 2x

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