Dreadful Shadows - Condemnation Lyrics

Artist: Dreadful Shadows Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Buried Again
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The last glance at your door is killing me slow
Like a final sign of time
And these handcuffs can't tie me to this world
No answers can be given anymore

And so the winter came when we waited for the sun
It's the icy breath of a flower
In isolation I cry, but no tears leaves my eye
And the walls will crush me again

A child screams - innocent and silent in this night
Far away...
Glass is breaking with a noise
Louder than I ever heard before
Let me out

All that we wanted was eternity
Didn't care for the price we would pay
But now you're alone, I don't know where
And I ask you how long must I stay
Let me out!

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