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Album: Track 11 on Human Device
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Entangle wires
Electric flex paint my thorny life
Million of waves flowing in the sky
Shake the earth, this eternal land
I'm like a chain
A boring metal in the air
The wire fence that spin me again
Now is making me insane
I have in a hand my sweet hope
Waiting for you in our blue sea
In the other hand all the love
And I feel you with me...
Save me from you
Save me from my life
From my empty times
Cover me with you
With the passion and hope
All your real love
Come to me! Your voice like an angel
Whisper me. Between blows of anger
All my sentiments around you
Come to me! The darkness is near
In my dreams
I can feel the fear but together
We'll can find the light in this land

Under my feet
This sand so white is caressing me
Starry nights walking on the sea
I'm believing in destiny
You're everything
I feel your fingers over me
Like a rose dancing in the wind
Anywhere my heart beat
...like a gale you can breath my air
the death is like a game beside you
near of your eyes
from the darkness of all my nights you'll be mine
your voice whisper me, you're my angel
there's no second chances through the dark

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