Dreamaker - Without Angels Lyrics

Artist: Dreamaker Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Human Device
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They cover us with a real faith
But there is not wings for me
They'll leave me naked and free
Now I am wishing to flee
Who be the one to help me?
Alone I will be
The angels of heaven
They doesn't help me anymore
I'll never surrender
Maybe my angel will be lost
The angels of heaven
Now pull me under to my hell
I'll never surrender, never!
I will walk without angels
And I will be lone
I am lost and looking for your help
In my world I don't want to need you
But I know that you are the only one for me
Only your wings might save me
From here to eternity
Show me your reality
Your slave I will be

Embrace me in this purple sea
And raise me, I want to flee
From here to eternity
Show me your reality
Your slave I will be

Take my hand we will fly together
Return to be born
Only I want to live forever
Out of this world

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